What is Balance?

Let’s talk about balance.  

It’s been on my mind lately (actually...always). I want to do all the things at the same time, all the time.  I am multi-passionate, a voracious learner and super curious. And, because I am REALLY efficient with my time, I usually DO fit in ALL THE THINGS...all the time, but that doesn’t mean I’m balanced (I chat about this a bit on the PaleOMG podcast. You can listen to that here).

We often think of balance as time.

“I should spend more TIME doing this..”
“I need to take TIME to do this…”
“I need more TIME…”

Let me tell ya, from someone who is really good at managing time...it ain’t just about time.  It has SO MUCH to do with your energy as well.



Have you ever come out of a one hour meeting and felt completely drained? Whereas on the flip side, you’ve sat through a 5 hour meeting and came out feeling energized? This also applies to our relationships. Think about the people who seem to magically give you energy when you are with them and others who seem to suck it out of you. Energy my friend.

Recently (like last week), I made the decision to take a short break from coaching CrossFit.  It makes my heart hurt because I love it so much, but I know I’m not bringing my best self to the floor for the athletes, and that is important. This is a PRIME example of energy vs. time.  I only coach 4 hours a week (up to 10), but those 4 hours require A LOT of energy. Our gym has very high expectations for the experience that is delivered each hour (as it should) and I just felt I couldn’t meet those expectations...right now.  I found myself in a cycle of coaching, instead of working out. and working out is one of the ways I GAIN energy, AND take care of myself (Not to mention, as a coach, you should PROBABLY be keeping your fitness level high).

I took away what gave me energy, for something that takes energy.  

That’s NOT a good recipe. So as you head into spring, the time of renewal, I want you to think about YOUR balance and how you are ebbing and flowing with your time and energy.  


Use these guiding questions:

  1. How do I feel before the activity?
  2. How do I feel during the activity?
  3. How do I feel after the activity?
  4. Does this activity take away from a source that gives me energy/time?

Simply answering these questions aren’t going to magically put you into balance and alignment, but they are a starting point.  

IN SHORT: Become mindful of how you feel.

YOU know what is best for YOU (you really do). Your mind and your body will tell you if you are depleting your resources.

Have a kickass week my friend!

Livin’ & Lovin’