38 Things I Learned

Since I hit my 38th spin around the sun this year, I decided to note the 38 things I discovered, realized or experienced this year.  Some are big and some are small, but all of them together created this amazing year.

Perhaps you can relate to a few….

  1. I AM ENOUGH: I often feel like I’m not enough because of the expectations I put on myself (woof. I know that was heavy for the first one...but it was a big ah-ha).
  2. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH. In all the things.
  3. Slowing down to go fast actually works.  In moments of overwhelm, it is the stopping and quieting down that actually provides the needed clarity to move forward.
  4. You can have a dream without knowing how to get there.  In fact, that’s the BEST kind of dream because you have clarity around what you want without the obstacles changing your mind.
  5. Younger TV gave me life. It was the one show this year that I would binge watch. I have loved Sutton Foster since her Broadway star days...and I have a new appreciation for Hilary Duff.  Also, Peter Herman wasn’t bad…
  6. I love the beach...still.  In fact, my desire to be there with people I love grows more and more every day and is one of the best motivators for me to stay on my money game.
  7. My theatre background continues to come in handy.  I never thought it would serve me in a company I created to help individuals manage their money, time and energy.  Cue all the videos!
  8. I finally learned how to send a GIF via text.  It’s the little things!
  9. We make a lot of decisions based on other people’s opinions.  I became incredibly aware this year of when I say, “I should” and what that means for ME.
  10. Our gut...it’s always right. That intuition is always guiding us the right way, we have to trust, and release control so we can hear it.
  11. Emotions run our lives. That can be amazing and that can be not-so-amazing.
  12. Coffee makes me happier than ever.  It’s truly a slice of heaven for me and so it’s the reward for my meditation practice!
  13. I crave being with my friends and family more than ever and so this year, I’m tapping into my flexibility and enjoying those moments instead of thinking of what I SHOULD be doing.
  14. My ambition can skew my priorities.  OUCH! There are moments when putting your blinders on to hit a goal is incredibly helpful and beneficial. And there are moments when putting your blinders on to hit a goal can be detrimental to other areas of your life.
  15. I need something larger to believe in.  For me, feeling there is a larger method to the madness is a source of calm.
  16. I feel weird posting my picture on social media channels.  I’m not sure that will change.
  17. Although I teach individuals to master their money, I still learn something every.single.day about mastering my own.  We never stop learning.
  18. Over the years, I’ve put up some pretty strong walls up around myself as a way to control.  This year is about breaking them down because we know although they might feel safe, they simply isolate.
  19. It is still hard for me to say no! I WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME!  I continually have to work on my boundaries.
  20. In relationships, you really do reap what you sow. Tend to the garden!
  21. I get REAL excited when I see emails from you.  TRULY! I love that it gives me a moment to connect with so many people and hear their stories.
  22. Although research might disagree, Social Media actually makes me feel more connected.  Especially to those who follow Betty. It’s just another way for me to say hi.
  23. I love being at home...when it’s clean. JK! Haha.    
  24. Journaling (something I’ve done off and on since I was 16) makes me feel calm...so I’m going to keep doing it.
  25. I’m much more woo woo than I ever thought. IN FACT:  I joined a business mastermind that will have me doing yoga every morning for a week in Italy this summer...wut?
  26. Someone amazing told me this year:  What is your’s won’t be missed. YES!  No more FOMO.
  27. Life won’t pass you by if you slow down.  In fact, life becomes more REAL (see #26).
  28. You will evolve and understanding your new self might be tough, but it is worth it.
  29. Sometimes, what you think you want...is the exact opposite of what you need or what is for you.  Sounds so cliché...but this rang really true this year.
  30. Everyone around you has SO MUCH to offer.  There is no competition. We are each unique. There is not one individual like you on this planet.  THAT’S AMAZING!
  31. When you are open, you learn a lot of cool stuff.
  32. It is TOTALLY possible to be obsessed with your dog… I mean...Pink Lady KNOWS what I’m saying to her. She gets me.
  33. Travel is a cure for so many things!
  34. Each of us is deserving of everything we have and more.
  35. Living in the “grey” is where the magic happens and it is the step most people want to skip (including myself). When we release control of “knowing” the outcome we discover things we never knew possible.
  36. I love writing.  LOVE it. I used to write long stories via email and I am so happy I’m back at it.
  37. Life is AH-MAZING.  All of it. The good and the bad.
  38. You CAN do anything you put your mind to. FOR REAL. The world is your freakin' oyster!

I know...this list sounds and reads like a compilation of entries from a self-help book. That’s okay! It has been a year of incredible growth for me as an individual and I am so grateful, because when I grow and learn I am better equipped to help YOU!

Have an amazing Monday friend.  Thanks for being here. It means the world and I feel honored.

Livin’ & Lovin’