A Betty epitomizes a modern day queen, commonly associated with increased levels of self-worth...because she continues to create it.


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Your BEST Year


It's time to get a REAL handle on those finances–from how much is spent, on what and why.

It’s time to grab life by the Betties!
— Brianna Firestone
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Hi There! 

I’m Brianna, but you can call me Bri. I help individuals who want a better relationship with money, time and energy (a.k.a. your resources) so they can create financial freedom, lessen their stress and live their best life.

We ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE and it should be lived with joy! 

Say goodbye to fear of failure and lack of control, and hello to empowerment, knowledge and good habits that stick.

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Challenges that Give Back

Every course and challenge at The School of Betty gives back to a non-profit. While you take a positive step to make a difference in YOUR life or business, you are helping another do the same. Um...that's amazeballs.