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The Breakthrough Society (Group & Private Coaching)

A 9 month virtual coaching experience and a retreat to find your passion, chart your path & take your first leap.

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Finances (Group Coaching)

My signature 8-week group coaching program to remove your money blocks, nail that budget & grow your money.


The 90 Day Money Breakthrough (Self Guided)

My #1 self-guided online course to help you pay off debt and know your money habits.



Money Stress?Start Here

Welcome to The School of Betty! This is the place to discover creative ways to manage your money, time and energy my friend. If you are new around these parts, this is the best place to start. I’m excited to get to know you.

A betty epitomizes a modern day queen, commonly associated with increased levels of self-worth...because she creates it.
— Brianna Firestone


Hi Friend!

I’m Brianna, but you can call me Bri. I spent years feeling stressed out about my money, like I would never pay off my debt and feeling like I wouldn't ever be able to turn it around...until I did.

I paid off $30k in credit card debt and $20k in student loans with consistent, simple actions and friend, you can too.

I spent years in the struggle so you don’t have to. Say bye to that money stress, feeling like you don’t have enough time and like you’ll never be able to stick with it because I’m gonna help you change you life. Start here.

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