Try These 2 Things to Create More Calm

I have a confession to make:  I need to create more “space” in my life.  And when I say space, I mean downtime...where I’m not trying to check something off of a list.  UGH.  You know, I once had a therapist (yes, I’ve gone to therapy and I highly recommend it.) tell me that our biggest strength is often our biggest weakness.  OH true.  



This was brought to my attention again this past week. I had a call with a business coach and this lovely, amazing person straight up told me: “You HAVE to create more breath and space.  Your ambition is your biggest hurdle and frankly helps you mask your emotions.”  OH MY GAAAAAHHHHHHH.  She’s freakin’ right.  You know what is frustrating?  Tell me if you ever notice this:  It can be really easy to help someone else find focus or direction etc. when you aren’t so close to it. But often, taking your own advice is the hardest.  Am I right?  And when someone states the obvious to you, it’s annoying because you already KNOW that’s what you should or shouldn’t be doing.


But, you know what?  I needed this truth sprinkle (I feel like if I call it a truth sprinkle, it feels more like a cupcake topping and is less and it got me thinking about a philosophy I’ve had for a very long time about life.  For me, I feel there are four buckets of life. And we want all of those buckets to be full, because that means we are truly living in our happiest space.


I call it “Livin’ the Betty Life”, and here’s how I break it down:


  • RESOURCES: Your time, money & energy
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Your family, partner, friends and yourself

  • WELLNESS: Physical & mental

  • PURPOSE: Your career & spirituality


Part of my homework after my call was to figure out HOW I was going to create more space to breathe and find my breath BECAUSE, I was depleting (and most likely will continue to do so) my energy resource. How I have been choosing to exert my energy every day, in the long run, is not going to serve me well.


So, I took an assessment of my Betty Life and I decided I would start implementing the following to my morning routine for ONE MONTH.


  • 10 minutes of guided meditation.  YOU GUYS, I KNOW! I can barely sit still for 2 minutes.  I’ve tried meditation before and I always seem to be on the struggle bus.  HOWEVER, I am committed to doing this for a month, because I know it will be good for me and I’m not interested in having a heart attack anytime soon because I didn’t manage my stress.

  • 10 minutes of journaling.  If you’ve taken any of our classes, this isn’t that shocking.  We USUALLY journal for a week so we can learn our behaviors.  Journaling is something I have done on and off since I was 17 years old and I ALWAYS go back to it when life feels chaotic.  So this time, I want to do it BEFORE chaos hits, so, can keep chaos at a distance.


What do your Betty Life buckets look like?  What small thing can you put in place today that will help you fill it up and keep you on the happiness track?


If you need an accountability buddy, feel free to reply to this email and tell me! We can try new things together.


Have a kickass Monday!


Livin’ & Lovin’