Lessons Learned Kicking Cancer's Butt - Part 4

It’s like I’m back in college because, this morning I overslept 1.5 hours! WHAT!? Ugh. I was probably in a deep sugar coma from the weekend.  I KNOW I set my alarm...two of them actually, BUT...I slept through those. Whoops!

My husband: “Babe....babe....don’t you have a 7:30am dentist appointment?”

...I fumble around for my phone, and see that it says 6:30am.


I was supposed to walk the dog this morning too because I coach at the gym on Monday nights. Thankfully my husband is doing double duty today so Pink Lady does not have to suffer for my sugar induced oversleeping.  

I rarely oversleep. In fact, waking up between 5:00 - 5:30am is easy to me now. It’s the new normal.  Which leads me to my final life lesson learned kicking cancer’s butt:

Lessons Learned Beating Cancer Part 4.png


LESSON #4 the big C taught me: What is uncomfortable, will soon become comfortable. 

(If you are just joining us, you can read Part I Part II  and Part III here.)

I had my surgery and went through my 2 radioactive iodine treatments (It’s slightly alarming when the person delivering the treatment arrives in a hazmat suit carrying your cocktail and asks you to drink it.  OH...OKAY...safe for ME, but not YOU…).  It took about a month after surgery to get my speaking voice back and actually, it will probably be the only time in my life that my voice will sound “sexy”.  When I hear my voice, I think it has a splash of chipmunk in it, but...I digress.

When I look back, surgery was the easy part. I wasn’t prepared for the impact that surgery would have on the rest of my life. You know your thyroid does A LOT (I’ll be honest, I might have googled ‘thyroid’ after my diagnosis. WHAT.THE.EFF.IS.THAT!?). For those who take thyroid hormone pills, you know it is a slow process to get your levels right.  And good levels = you feel good.  Bad levels = you feel bad...like Walking Dead zombie bad. The cycle is long. Blood work, adjust your hormone dose, wait three months, blood work, adjust your hormone dose, wait three months, and on, and on until you hit the golden number.  

Thirteen years later, that process is still really annoying, HOWEVER I’m used to it. And at this point, it feels normal.  It’s comfortable. I know how to manage all of my prescriptions, what vitamins I can and can’t take within 4 hours, when I need to reorder and when I need to get my blood work. It’s all part of how I live my daily life now...and that is a good thing.

Think about the times you were in a new situation that was unfamiliar and uncomfortable. When you start a new job, it is so uncomfortable until it isn’t. When you start a new workout program, it is uncomfortable until it isn’t. This is great, when what you are doing is a positive thing for your life.  But this ‘comfort’ can also be a double edged sword.  Imagine the times when comfortable is doing you a disservice. Deciding you don’t want to work out because it’s just too hard, or you can’t find time. Refusing to change your eating habits or pay attention to your money because it is just too hard.  It’s uncomfortable. Here's what I would say to you: 



I can tell you THIS: When if feels uncomfortable, you are about to make progress. It is about to become comfortable.  Don’t give up. Change is not easy, but it does get easier. It will get comfortable.


Livin’ & Lovin’


P.S.  No cavities and I got a free toothbrush...so, there’s that.