3 Tips to Avoid Food Waste

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Often when we talk about shopping, we only think about clothes, shoes and handbags (or is that just me?), and we forget that the grocery store can be just as tempting as Target.  AM I RIGHT!? And that temptation can lead to purchases that ultimately become food waste.

Ya might as well throw your dollars down the toilet (I know...dramatic, but...have we met?).

Last October I shared 3 tips that have helped me in the kitchen. And I want to share a few more.

It makes me super sad to see food go to waste, so I do everything in my power to avoid it. Here are 3 tips that help me avoid sending food to the trash can:


When my fridge starts to become a food cemetery, I go back to writing everything that is in my fridge (non condiments) including any expiration dates and leftovers, on a list. Then that bad boy goes up on my fridge.  When you use it, mark it off. It’s a super simple way to quickly see what you need to cook/ eat before it goes bad AND is a simple reminder that...YA GOT FOOD!


When things start to get close to their expiration date and I know that we won’t get to them for dinners etc., I think of ways I can cook them that then allows me to put it in the freezer. Meat is easy...just freeze it, but veggies are tougher. Casseroles work wonders for this AND provide some quick meals in a pinch. Also - soups! Veggies are amazing in soups and they freeze really well. So instead of throwing it out, think of a way to cook it, freeze it and eat it in the future. 


Well...duh Bri! USUALLY when food is starting to go to waste, it is because I’m not planning out my meals appropriately. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. Simply jotting down what you will eat each day and keeping it somewhere visible, actually does wonders. AND...if you share meals with someone (partner, roommate, etc.), it’s also a great tool for one person to “get dinner started” if schedules get all wonky...see what I’m sayin’ there?

As I always preach: simple steps and actions are the magic sauce to major change. Sticking to your food budget can be a game changer for your bank account AND your health.

Need a super easy meal planner?  

You can download the one I use below. It's so basic it’s kind of embarrassing to pass it out. But, whatever! I use the box on the top to note the days I’m going to workout.


Have a kickass week!

Livin’ & Lovin’