4 Steps to Vacation

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Time is our one resource that isn’t infinite. We can’t create more of it in our lifetime, we can only choose how we spend it.  And for my money, I think experiences are important.

HOWEVER…(come on, you knew it was coming).

I don’t think you should go into debt for those experiences BECAUSE...it isn’t sustainable.  I believe you should shift your actions and behaviors to align with your goals or vision. THAT is sustainable. 

If you’ve got a travel bucket list, take note! These are the steps I use to plan my trips. PRO TIP: These also work for non travel goals like, buying that new washer & dryer.

4 Steps to Plan Your Trip


And be specific.  Saying, “I want to travel more” is SUUUUPER vague. Your brain doesn’t know what to do with that. “I want to take a week long beach vacation this year” is MUCH better. THAT, we can put some action behind.


And by visualize I mean start diving into the Google hole and discover WHERE you want to go. What beach do you want to visit? I’m a big believer in dreaming and visualizing. It’s really motivating and gives your brain pictures of what you want. In my opinion, Google just helps the fantasy become a reality.  My husband and I actually have a trip list. When we read about a place that we want to visit, we jot it down. So, when it is time to start planning a vacation, we take a gander at our travel bucket list.


This step is what gets you closer to reality and action.  You’ll notice that I don’t set a budget first, THEN search. BECAUSE, we human beings are REALLY good at making happen what we really WANT.  And until you identify the dream vacation and the price tag, you won’t know what you are capable of or willing to do in order to get there. These are the questions I ask myself when I start searching:

  • Do I want food included or do I want to cook my own food?  - Hotel or rent a condo
  • Will I be doing excursions? Can I walk? - Car or no car
  • Is time of the essence or are my dates flexible? - Nonstop flights, driving, layovers
  • Do I have points or rewards to use and if so, is it worth it?


Now, it’s time to commit to the actions you will take in order to make your trip a reality. When you set a financial goal, you are committing to new behaviors friend. Maybe you give up cable, coffee and only eat out once a week for 4 months. Whatever it is, add up your “actions” for each month and then divide your total trip cost by that number to get an idea of how many months it will take you to save.  Not quick enough? Keep shifting.

Remember: When it comes to money we can make more, spend less or do both. So don’t forget to look at options for making more money. 

You have the power to make anything happen my friend.

Have a kickass week.

Livin’ & Lovin’

P.S. Living your best life starts with defining what your best life looks like. Have you done that? What does it look like? Tell me in the comments.