3 Habits You Need in the Kitchen

FACT: you can have a shopping problem in the grocery store. Right!? "Oooooh new sauce!"...you use it once and then it becomes a science project.

3 Habits You Need for your Kitchen.png


There are 3 things I do in the kitchen that help me not waste:

1 - I keep a sharpie in the drawer next to the fridge. Each time I open something and don't use all of it, I write the date on the top of the lid. No more "is this still good?"

2 - I put it front and center on the main shelf so I can see it. Because "out of sight out of mind" is an understatement in the fridge.

3 - My food plan the next week must include that ingredient.

It's a habit now. I just do it. And it does a couple of things:

* Makes me think if I'm REALLY going to use a fancy ingredient. 
* If I do choose to buy it, it makes me use it more than once, thus exploring some new recipes.


You got any grocery tricks? I'm working on a food prep plan for ya'll! If you can make that a habit, it changes EVERYTHING!

- B