What's Your Life ROI?

Remember how in September I was ranting about stores having Christmas decorations up already? Well...I have a confession to make. I have an old fake Christmas tree and it surfaced while my husband and I were reorganizing the garage. And……

Oh man...it’s bad. I MIGHT have put it up on my deck...yesterday when it was 75 degrees.  IN MY DEFENSE it is snowing in Denver today and we recently put in fake grass, so...I’m just keeping with the artificial theme.

I’ll admit, I was lovin’ every minute in the sunshine putting up that tree (it was a rare moment for me to not be going 90 miles an hour) and I thought…yeah, I like this investment of my time. And that got me thinking...

Most businesses are looking at their ROI. They want to know if something is working and if it isn’t, they want to know why. Makes sense right? And they want to know WHY so they can find a solution to achieve a better return on their investment.   

You know what? THAT way of thinking is INCREDIBLY valuable for YOU in your LIFE. Too often we know something isn’t working and yet, we never truly seek to understand WHY. Usually we drum up some reasons via assumption that then compel us to create solutions that never truly address the root of the problem. That’s unfortunate isn’t it?  Because, well...it’s our life.  

So, let’s be in the business of life. It’s time to start asking yourself if YOU are getting good ROI when you use YOUR resources:

  • Your time

  • Your money

  • Your effort (I prefer to call this your genius)

  • Your heart

Let’s strive to really understand our problems, get to the root of them, and create solutions that allow us to live the best life possible.  Sound good?

Livin’ & Lovin’


MindsetBrianna Firestone