6 Things You Need to Know About Money

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If you want to master your money, you first have to master some key learnings.  And really, I mean we need to demystify a few things about our friend called money. 

#1 Money is a thing

Well duh Bri!  Yes, but I’ll tell ya...we act like it said really bad things to us and we’re holding a grudge.  Money is a value system. It’s a way for us to exchange goods and services. If we didn’t need to buy anything, we wouldn’t need money.


#2 You can’t be good at money

This is my favorite.  Saying you aren’t good “at money” is like saying you aren’t good at lamp.  “Yeah, I’m just not good at lamp...I can’t figure it out.” You can’t be good “at” money, but you CAN be good at MANAGING money.  Managing money is a skill we can work on.


#3 Math has nothing to do with it

I want to eliminate ever hearing, “I'm not good at money, because I’m not good at math.” - Insert hand on forehead emoji.  I don’t care if you failed algebra, it is NOT a predictor of being able to manage your money. That’s like saying, you don’t know how to eat because you aren’t a chef. Yup.


#4 Your decisions around money are EMOTIONAL...not logical

Yes my friend. If we were making logical decisions around money...I wouldn’t be saying this.  Our behaviors and actions around our money are HIGHLY emotional. But having awareness of this is the first step.  If you can tap into your emotions, you can get to logical.


#5 Money is simple, humans are complicated

You know, money is just doin’ its thing...and then we come along and make it REAL complicated.  Remember, money is a thing. It can’t take on anything we don’t give it. If you are unhappy with your money situation, you have 3 choices: make more money, spend less, do both.


#6 Mastering your money starts in your brain

Have you ever met someone you were expecting to NOT like based on what those around you told you about the person? And then when you met them you actually really liked them? Welcome to your relationship with money friend.  We have so many preconceived notions about money because of what we were told.  We gotta give money a chance!

As we seek to change our money game, it's important that we demystify this thing called money in order to build a better relationship with it.

Money is a TOOL that helps us live our best life.  It does NOT determine the life we can live. It’s time to decide on the life you want to live and figure out how money can help you get there!

Livin' & Lovin' 


P.S. You can watch the Demystifying Money video series on the Betty FB page or on YouTube