Hi my friend. I’m so glad you are here at The School of Betty. If you have been stressing about your money, feel like you don’t have enough time and are straight up exhausted from #life, you are in the right place. I spend all of my time helping individuals manage their money, time and energy because these are the resources that are essential to our survival. If you can manage those well, you are equipped to live a life in flow and joy. If you’ve just landed here at the School of Betty, below are some options to get you started!

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This is a great place to start to get to know me and The School of Betty. Once a week, I’ll send you tips, things to ponder, inspiration or a freebie to your inbox. You can think of this email as a jalapeno popper: short, sweet, savory and packs a punch. And when you join the band of Betties, you will learn about new products and offers before the public and usually at a special Betty price. I love writing these weekly words of wisdom and it is also a great time to reply back to me so I can get to know YOU.

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Ready to create a badass relationship with your money? This download is for you. Money impacts us every day of our lives, and yet we never learn how to manage it or how to talk about it. Focusing on creating an amazing relationship with your moolah, will create a ripple of positive effects in other areas of your life. In this download, you’ll learn 5 simple actions that you can start taking today to become empowered around your money.