Is YOLO Impacting Your Future?


Although I love the idea of staying in the moment, YOLO is what got me into financial trouble in the first place.  And what is hilarious about that statement when it comes to our finances, is it puts us in a place where we can’t actually LIVE our lives the way we want to.  


I’ll give you a hot minute to soak that one in because...I’m feelin’ it too.  

The thing about finances and doing things for our future is, we humans like tangible things. And when things aren’t tangible...they don’t exist.  So, let’s make them a bit more tangible:


If you’re ready to YOLO, try one of these 3 things:

3 Ways to make YOLO work for you.png


#1. If you have debt, especially high interest debt (credit cards): go through each bill from the last month and write down what went to interest and what went to principle.  Do that for every debt and then add them up so you have a total interest amount and at total principle amount. If that interest amount is taking your breath away, take a moment and think about what that money in your pocket could do for you.

#2. If you don’t have credit card debt, but aren’t really doing anything with your extra money beyond droppin’ it like it’s hot at Nordstrom: take the money you have spent on clothes, restaurants (pick one or all!), and pop that number into this calculator. Look at what that amount could be in 5 years at 1% interest.  Visualize, what that could do for you.

#3.  If you have a mortgage, but are debt free otherwise.  Enter your numbers into this calculator and see what adding just ONE extra payment a year can save you in the long run.  Woah nelly! Imagine what that could do for you.

Here’s the truth sprinkle:  

If you aren’t living the life you want, you have to start making choices to get you there.  Changing your money game is all about committing to new or different behaviors.

Guess what?  You can do it.

I know this. And TODAY is a perfect to decide you’d rather truly LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE so YOLO can take a hike.

I’m rooting for you!

Livin’ & Lovin’


P.S. Need some more cheerleading?  Leave me a comment.