The Reason You Don't Budget

I was listening to a podcast this weekend and the person being interviewed was talking about how...wait for it...BUDGETS DON’T WORK!

OOOOOOHHHHHH that made my ears perk up!  

You’ve heard me say this before: simply creating a budget won’t change your money game.  Your actions around money are being driven by your emotions and your habits. But here’s the thing: most people never get to the budgeting part.


FEAR. It holds many people back from starting a budget.  

For some reason, creating a budget for many feels like they have to commit to something they aren’t sure they can do. They are afraid they won’t be able to stick with it and so that fear of failure deters them from ever starting.

Can you relate to this?  This is very similar to other behaviors we want to “start” but never seem to get there (fitness plan, eating healthier etc.).

But guess what!?  You can’t fail at a budget. A budget is simply a tool to help you live your best life. And it isn’t just any tool, it is a living and breathing tool because life is unpredictable!  Here’s the great thing about budgeting, even on the most basic level...

Planning can eliminate panic.

Simply creating an easy budget that gives you some guidelines and boundaries, will do wonders for your stress level in moments when life has a different plan.  

Creating a budget, actually eliminates fear. So let it propel you forward instead of holding you back.


I get a lot of requests to purchase the Betty Budget Excel template but I never just sell the template’s not going to help you if you don’t have an understanding of some of your behaviors and habits. SOOOOO I’m workin’ on a Betty Budget Basics course.   This is a $47 course that will get you movin’ in the right direction.

  • I’ve taken 10 lessons (out of 50+) from the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge that will start building the foundation you need so you can take action and build a basic budget.  
  • These lessons are around understanding your behaviors and habits, and step-by-step lessons to build your basic budget. 
  • It's me on 10 videos talkin' to you straight to the camera (if I annoy you, this might be rough.) 
  • The lessons come with their corresponding worksheets and the Betty Budget Excel Tool - Basic.

Here’s the special part:  

If you love it and want to join the Summer 2018 90 Day No Shopping Challenge and experience the other 40+ lessons, I’ll take that $47 off of your course fee...BECAUSE...these lessons come directly from the it would be weird if I asked you pay for them twice!

Are you interested?  If you are, click below and I’ll be sure you are the first to know when it is available in the next couple of weeks.

I'm Interested!

It’s springtime friend! The season of new beginnings and time to say no to fear!

Have a kickass week!

Livin’ & Lovin’