Afraid To Let Go Of Your Money?

Letting go of our money can be scary but it is essential to our financial health. Why?  We will have to use our money to live our best life friend and that means parting with it.

Living your best life can often mean investing in yourself, a person place or thing because you know it will move you forward and enrich your experience.

There are small actions you can take that can get you moving in the right direction and help you start to chip away at the fear of parting with your money.  

#1. Make a donation.

It can be pennies, $1, $5, $ doesn’t matter the amount, what matters is the act. You know I believe that small actions make a huge impact and this is no different.  One of the ways that I donate each week is when I’m at the grocery store. I always donate back my bag credit and anytime they are raising money for something I always round up or make a small donation.

Is a lot of money? Nope.

Does it make me feel good? It sure does, and that’s what we’re going for. These small acts, will not only make your heart feel good, but you’ll start to feel more confident to part with your money. When we give money for the greater good, we expect it good right?

#2. Take A Class or Hire a Coach

Bri, that’s weird!  Is it? I often find one of the hardest things for my students to invest in is...themselves. We love to say buying a new pair of workout shoes or a new business outfit is investing in ourselves, and it an extent. But what is even harder is hiring a person or investing in something that enhances our knowledge.  

Is there something you have always wanted to do or have been curious about? Focus there and then look for a solutions that is in the “mid range” - don’t have to bet the farm.  

Remember, our success in almost everything is how we show up and how we implement what we learn. Taking a class or hiring a coach and expecting magic is going to leave you disappointed.

#3.  Pick One Thing

Most of us have a list of things that we need to do either for ourselves, our home, our cars etc. Usually these are actions that we are able to avoid at the moment but eventually we will have to do it...and by have I mean, circumstances will FORCE you to take care of it.

That never feels good.  Even if you have the money, if feels like it’s being ripped from you hands right?  The best way to turn that around is to actually choose one of the things on that list.

On your list, chose that thing that is actually causing you the most stress or bugs you the most. Do you research on costs (Always at least 3 quotes), plan for the costs if you need to save for it, and then do the thing.

When you CHOOSE to take care of the #adulting things in our life before you are forced to, there is an insane amount of empowerment, relief and confidence that comes with this action.

Get after it friends!


P.P.S. Speaking of fear...One of my April Fierce Finances students practiced some money boomerang moves when she joined!  Here is what she has to say:

Hello! My name is Tamika and I work for the US federal government as a Printing Service Specialist.  Before working with Bri, I was struggling with my finances by way of not having a sound budget and not knowing where my money was going.

Choosing to work with Bri was an easy decision for me. By working with her in the Betty Life membership, I know how passionate she is about her craft and wanting us “Betties” to be our best selves.  Signing up for Fierce Finances I secretly doubted and feared that I would not learn anything significant about finances, boy was I wrong! Not only did I learn that we have emotional triggers that cause us to spend unnecessary money, but I also learned checking your bank account(s) frequently helps to keep you on track and knowing exactly what, where and how you are spending that money.  

By working with Bri, I was able to accomplish paying off a credit card by creating my first basic budget. Seeing all of my debt in one place and planning my snowball attacks (for future payoffs) contributed in this feat. I was also able to accomplish something that I was not expecting out of this program; visualizing my future and stating my gratitudes every morning! This program is more than just about finances and that very thing surprised me but I am definitely grateful for it.

So, if you’re scared or second guessing yourself to make a decision if you want to allow Bri coach you; do yourself a favor and invest in your future self! You will thank yourself for it when you start to see immediate results and your future self debt free.  I can definitely see my debt free, guiltless vacationing “badass” life straight ahead!!

Are you ready to take your money game to the next level? Have you been afraid to do it on your own and need the accountability of a coach?  Set up your free 30 minute call for Fierce Finances.  We start June 3. This will be 6 weeks of badass group coaching and some 1:1 sessions without the 1:1 price.

Leave this 6 week program feeling confident about your money decisions and a budget and a money plan in place. Space is limited for the best student experience. I’d love to chat with you.