Three Things to Help Your Bank Account Today

Just some straight up tips today!

Here are 3 tips you can do TODAY to make a difference in your bank account.

  • GO OLD SCHOOL:  It’s really easy to bust out that credit or debit card and make a purchase. And if you aren’t paying attention, that money can add up.  When you allow yourself spending money each week, try using cash instead of your card.  I know, it’s kind of annoying but physically seeing your stack of money go down and physically handing it over makes you REALLY want something. Using cash isn't anything new, but most people don't do this: Keep your receipts and at the end of the week review them. Did you stay on budget? Did you blow your money in 2 days?  What was the culprit? This is the start of identifying some of your “over spending” areas.


  • AVOID THE BULK: I know...I can’t believe I’m telling you NOT to purchase in bulk.  You CAN, but here’s the MUST know what things at cost at your regular store BEFORE you go. Often what happens, you go to a bulk store and feel like you are getting a smokin’ deal and so you buy more than you would need. If that’s a perishable item, odds are really high that it will go to waste.  Sometimes the deals aren’t that great and you aren’t really saving that much. But what you did do was spend $10 more dollars than you needed to. Buy what you need for that week. Frozen veggies are a great option to keep costs down and only buy meat that is on sale.  


  • NECESSITIES OF HOME: If you have a hard time taking your don’t prep and then you end up buying food, try this trick.  If you have a fridge at work, take a small plastic bin and put some necessities in it like: lunch meat, bread, fruit, condiments etc. As long as you have everything to make your lunch, just make it at work. It will cut down on your food prep time and make it EASIER to make the decision to not eat out. I know of an office that does this and it is a game changer!


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Brianna Firestone