How To Take Your Own Advice

Last week, I asked you what advice you would give your younger self (If you didn’t do it, I encourage you to do so. It will only take a minute!)

That advice my friend, is usually what you need most RIGHT NOW.  

So how do we put that into action?

How to take your own advice.png


Actually start saying that advice to yourself  Make it a mantra my friend.

It’s also a great filter, or a way for you to identify if you are being true to your mantra.

For example, my advice was “You are doing the best you can.” - I can say that daily and I can also ask myself that in moments when I am putting pressure on myself.

“Brianna, are you doing the best you can right now?”

If my answer is yes...that’s my cue to relax.  

If not, then I can think through small actions I can take to get there.

Humor Me

Try this for a week my friend and tell me how you feel. I’m going to let you in on a really amazing secret about life:  YOU know what is best for YOU! You already have the take your own advice! 

Livin & Lovin