ONE Thing About Your Shopping Habit

So, this weekend I had a dream that I BOUGHT A SWEATSHIRT AND FAILED ON MY YEAR OF NO SHOPPING.  Uh...wut?  And, AND, my 90 Day No Shopping Challengers got bad at me.  Haha (Don’t worry guys, I won’t let you down). Weird. 

Well, this little dream had me thinking about how our shopping behavior and habit develops. I have news for you friend, it started WAY before you actually became aware of it.

It looked something like this:

I got a promotion!  LET’S GO SHOPPING!
I nailed my audition! LET’S GO SHOPPING!



I screwed up my presentation. LET’S GO SHOPPING! 
I had a bad breakup. LET’S GO SHOPPING!


You seeing a pattern here?  I’m not saying any of this is bad. NOPE. No judgement here.  I simply want you to recognize that you MOST LIKELY grew up implementing shopping as a reward or a coping mechanism.  I didn’t think shopping could get so deep did ya?

SOOOO...what I’m saying is: don’t be so hard on yourself.

The EASIEST way to start shifting a habit is to replace the “reward”. So if shopping used to be your reward, let’s try something different.  

That looks something like this:

I got a promotion! LET’S COOK A FUN DINNER! 
I nailed my audition! LET’S WATCH A MOVIE!



I screwed up my presentation! LET’S MAKE SOME TEA
I had a bad breakup! LET’S TAKE A WALK


Never underestimate the power of small shifts my friend!  


Have a kickass Monday! 

Livin’ & Lovin’