Netflix & Marie Kondo got you stressed? I got you covered...

My social feeds have been going bonkers with friends who burned the midnight oil frantically selecting the pieces that gave them joy and waking to the disasters that they hadn't yet finished. 

The storm before the calm?  

Obviously, I LOVE everything about what this show is stressing people the eff out. 

I watched one episode and I can't go back because I felt my chest tightening and anxiety bubbling. 

"Wait, I need to Marie Kondo too...right!? 

"If I start do I have to finish it tonight?"

"Will I EVER finish it?"

"OH MY GAWD! What if I give something away that was really important and in my sleep deprived daze I just tossed it aside to the 'no joy' pile when it was REALLY, REALLY JOYFUL?" 

EASY HOTSHOT....let's roll this back.  If you are feeling the urge to organized but you aren't sure HOW or WHERE to start, keep reading. 

I like things to be easy to integrate. Not that I don't believe in extreme measures sometimes (hello 90 Day No Shopping Challenge), but you can get organized without burning the midnight oil or giving away everything in your possession. 

Netflix & Marie Kondo Stressing you out_.png

LET ME JUST SAY THIS...IT'S OKAY if you like your stuff.  Truly.  Yes, I believe that most of us can live with MUCH LESS then we have now, but not everyone is made for the minimalist lifestyle. 

Let's get to it. 


#1. BREAK IT WAAAAY DOWN:  I LOVE the reason behind putting all of your clothes on the bed and seeing just how much you have...HOWEVER...#life friend.  And for most of us, it's hard to find time to organize our sock drawer let alone every.single.item in our house. Take a category and REALLY break it down.  Instead of 'Closet', or 'shirts', get specific:  red shirts, skinny jeans, black socks.  Get it?  When you break it down like this, you can turn on a timer for 15 minutes a day and crank it out.  You'll be surprised how quickly it will go. 

#2. USE IT OR LOSE IT: This is all about being mindful in your daily routines. WHEN you use something (especially if you have multiples), take note when you are using I like this?  Yes, this is a bit similar to "does this bring me joy" except we are doing it in real time...out in the wild.  Designate a space where you store the items you like that allows you to see what you haven't used.  This is similar to flipping all of your hangers one way and when you wear an item, flip it the other way. 

#3.START WHERE THE STRESS IS:  Most of us have an area in our house that we can't seem to keep organized and it is absolutely driving us bonkers.  START THERE friend.  Whatever area it is, break it way down and get specific so you are doing it over a few days. Before you start, be mindful of your behavior around that area.  THIS IS IMPORTANT, it tells you WHY it is hard to keep it organized. Too much stuff? Wrong system? Can't see things?  Once you identify the main culprit, then you can take action to make it easy.  Key words: MAKE IT EASY.  

My biggest tip for overall organization:  It must be easier to put away than it is to take out. 

Tell me what you organized! I love a good before and after photo!  Or, post it on Social Media and use the hashtag: #grablifebythebetties