5 Money Romance Tips

Okay, Okay...you either love this week or can’t stand it.  I’m pretty neutral. Honestly, my husband and I never celebrate Valentine’s Day by way of gifts, cards, chocolate hearts etc. (Once, we went out and ate cheeseburgers and got jalapeno poppers...that was great!).


We also abstain from gifts for birthdays and other gift giving holidays.  WHAT!? Yup. We decided a long time ago that we would rather go on a vacation. I LOVE giving gifts, but I also love how stress free this makes the holidays...especially since so many are now very consumer driven. But don’t think this means my February is free of romance.  Oh HECK NO!  

February is a great time to redefine your romance with...wait for it...you can totally guess it...MONEY! You heard me (you know we talk about our relationship with money here, right?).


Shifting your relationship with money isn’t hard, but it takes awareness.  And sometimes the easiest way to begin that shift is to treat yo money like ya love it (If I had some pink money, I’d show a “make it rain” video right now, but…I don’t. HOWEVER I bet that sure did give you a good visual didn’t it?).


This week, show your money you love it by trying one or all of these gestures of LOOOOOVE and abundance.



That sounds weird Bri…(In my defense, most of what I say sounds weird...AT FIRST). Creating a great relationship with money starts with showing money you respect it (Get into the WOO WOO my friend). Wherever you keep your money, make sure it is free of clutter.  Bills are not crumpled but are organized, facing the same way, and are in some sort of order (small bills first etc.). No trash or gum wrappers (guilty). Keep it clean!


RESPECT THE CHANGE ...even the Penny

Oh, that poor Penny! Tell me:  do you find random pennies, dimes etc. in pockets of purses, random places in your house?  So often (guilty right here) we think, “oh...it’s just a penny” and dismiss it as trash and not money. IT’S STILL CURRENCY even though our current society prefers paper and plastic. If you have a change jar, you know the power of dumping it off at the bank and seeing the total. Those pennies add up! This week, find a sweet home for that money.  And better yet, decide on the intention for that money like a vacation, paying off a credit card etc.



Oh you wanna talk about it!?  I sure do.  Because money is so taboo in our society, we never talk about. And the MINUTE you start talking about it...my guess is you immediately have a little voice in your head saying, “shut it down!” This week, take a moment to have a conversation around your money.  This can be with your partner or significant other, your friend, or...you can do what I do...and just talk to yourself.  I’m laughing right now as I type this, but I wish I was lying to you.  You don’t have to wax poetic, it could be as simple as saying, “My savings is not as large as I would like , so I’m going to start thinking of a way I can increase it.”  or  “My credit card is stressing me out, so I’m going to start focusing on how I can pay it down.”  Simple. No solutions, just getting into the practice of talking about it.



OKAAAAAYYY, I didn’t put this one first because I didn’t want you to think I was totally off my rocker. (Not sure if that worked.). You know when you are so in love with someone and you want to share those feelings but you don’t know how to verbalize them and so you feel compelled to write them down in a journal? Do that. Write a love letter to money. NOTE: If you are feeling, RIGHT NOW, feelings of shame just thinking about saying why you love money, that my friend is a money block.  And money blocks, are little subconscious sabotagers. We want to remove those blocks because they ARE impacting the abundance you can have in your life.  I wrote a love letter this morning and I think if you read it out of context you would think I was talking about a human. This is what we are going for.  Don’t feel weird, I can think or weirder things...like a hairless cat.  Doesn’t seem natural but it sure is real!



If all of the above sounds amazeballs, a little weird and fun to you...I want to invite you to join me for the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge.  We start on Monday, February 19th (yup, President’s day...method to the madness there) and I JUST CAN’T WAIT! This is the unconventional blueprint to create a badass life that you love while you shift your spending habits, pay off some debt and put some money in the bank.  If you are lovin’ what I throw down here each week and feel you need some more accountability and guidance, then this is for you. I would LOVE, and would be HONORED, to be your guide to freedom. Doors close at 11:59pm on Sunday, February 18th.

You can learn more here.


In short, to feel more ease around money, we have to work on getting familiar with it and  understanding it.  Just like we would a human! Image how it will feel when money is no longer a source of stress but  a resource that works with YOU so you can live the life you most desire.  


Have a kickass Monday!  


Livin’ & Lovin’



SIDE STORY: This one time my husband and I were on a date and we went to Six Flags in New Jersey. On the way back to NYC, we forgot about the toll (we had spent all of our cash monies at the park).  We had to pull over and dig around the car for change and we actually found ENOUGH CHANGE to pay for the toll….dollars ya’ll. Talk about not respecting the change!