Making Decisions

3 Steps to making decisions.png

Have you ever had moments where you weren’t “feelin” it but you felt like you still needed to push it (might be an early 90’s song going through my head right now…)? It can be a confusing feeling, no?

So how do you know?  My answer: YOU ALREADY KNOW!

A month or so ago, I spoke about intuition and following your gut.  You can read that post here. Those lessons still hold true, but you might find yourself needing something MORE in the moment.  

This is what I do: When I’m battling between a decision, I get quiet and I visualize.  

I KNOW, I KNOW. This is SO WOO WOO.  But your body knows.

  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Paying attention to your breath.
  2. Visualize the scenario that is in relation to your question or decision. You might have two scenarios that you need to visualize. Example:  Should I rest, or should I work out. You will visualize what each of those decisions looks like and HOW YOU FEEL.
  3. With your eyes still closed, ask yourself what feels “right” and pay attention to your body. Choose the option that has a physical reaction or FEEL like the one you should choose (...real scientific here).

YOU know the best decision for you and frankly what gets in the way is the chatter in our brains.  I’m not an expert at this (yet!), but in the time that I have been doing this exercise, I have felt confident in my decisions.  

And REMEMBER you can’t make a mistake (more on that here).  Life is a “choose your own adventure” and one decisions just leads you to the next chapter, but all of them guiding you to the same finale.

Have a kickass week my friend!