The Life Lesson I Learned From A Water Faucet

I was about to walk home after an impromptu coffee date with my friend Jessie Golden and stopped into the restroom before I left.

As I was washing my hands, that thing happened.

You know where you hold your hands there under the faucet….nothing.

So you move them up closer...

Then back down….

Then up again….closer again.


And usually I’m like, “What the eff this thing doesn’t work!”.

But today, for some reason, I thought: “Maybe you’re pushing too hard and aren’t being patient. Pull back and be patient.”

And guess what?

That freakin’ thing worked. And the minute that water started running I was like, “Woah...there’s a life lesson right there”

When it isn’t working, pull back.

This is something that does not come naturally to me. I love to solve problems and work quickly. When I can’t get to my clarity or figure something out, I can be consumed with frustration. And that frustration usually leads to me pushing more, or making a choice that takes me down a different path.  

Listen, I don’t believe in mistakes, so regardless of the path, I trust that I’ll land where I’m supposed to land.  However, there is something magical in asking yourself to take a step back and relax to avoid any major detours.

Can you relate to this?

It might show up like:

  • Needing to make a decision but not feeling like you have the clarity and experiencing anxiety

  • Feeling the sense of being stuck and the knee jerk reaction to force a decision to feel movement

  • Not liking your options and assuming you can’t explore others

I hate to admit this, but when I’ve told myself to slow down, breathe and take a 30,000 ft. view, I’ve found the calm, clarity and answers I was needing.

When I’ve pushed through, I can look back and see the detour.

So, friend, if you’ve been feeling the impatient tug...go wash your hands.  


I want you to remember that automatic faucet and remind yourself that:

Pulling back and leaning into your patience will almost always lead you in the right direction.

Livin’ & Lovin’