How To Manage Your 24 Hour Day

This month - we’ve been talkin’ about self-care. Maybe you didn’t notice this, but I’ve been taking you on a bit of a journey each Monday this month.

It looked like this:

Steps 1 & 2 are simply to motivate you to to take a tiny action towards your self care. Step 3 is helping you view and think about self-care differently

And today: The first step towards organizing your life - looking at a 24 hour period.

You know this: time is a resource along with our money and our energy. And let’s face it, most us say we need more of all of them.

“I need more money”

“I need more time”

“I need more energy”


You know what we rarely do?  Take a look to see how we are actually spending all of it RIGHT NOW and asking ourselves if it is serving us.

Why is that?

Partly - it’s overwhelming. Life can be overwhelming (it can?).  Even figuring out where to start can put you into freeze mode. You know why? Because we are rarely thinking about the NEXT step we need to take, we are thinking about ALL of the steps.

Have you been there?  I sure as heck have been and it isn’t fun. In fact, I’ve been there so many times in my life  that breaking things down has become a skill that I am so grateful for. Here’s the thing my friend, you don’t have to know all of the steps, you just need to know the next one.

So, let’s discover that step shall we?


Your 24 Hour Snapshot.

We only have 24 hours in a day. And yes, so does Beyonce (I had to, she’s amazing). So let’s break down your 24 hours for an average day.

  • Let’s say you spend 8 hours sleeping - 8 HOURS

  • And that you are working 8 hours - 8 HOURS

Now we have 8 hours left.  That’s mind boggling isn’t it? Let’s keep going.

  • Let’s say that you take an hour to get ready in the morning - 1 HOUR

  • And then let’s say that round trip for one day, your commute is also an hour - 1 HOUR

OKAY, 6 hours left.

  • Eating during the day, bathroom, food prep, Facebook - 2 HOURS

  • And you are working out or walking the dog each day. - 1 HOUR

Now we are down to 3 hours left in your day.

  • Family time (true family time) - 1 HOUR

You are down to 2 hours my friend.  Two hours left in your day. will you use them?


  • Go through your 24 hours and break it down based on your average day

  • Decide how you will use your remaining hours

  • Don’t like how you are spending your time? What do you want to shift?

You control your time, your money and your energy friend.  YOU get to say what you want to do and where you will be. The second you accept this amazing responsibility...LIFE.WILL.CHANGE.IN.AMAZING.WAYS.

Tell me in the comments where you are going to spend your remaining time!

Livin’ & Lovin’