How do I change my Money Mindset?

Let's get after it friend! 

Your money mindset is HUGELY important to your financial success. Unfortunately, most of us grow up surrounded by negative views around money and changing those views can seem impossible. 

I get it. 

But, like all things, if we start small the small actions will add up. 

Try these 3 actions to change your money mindset! 

Money Mindset in 3 Steps.png


STEP #1: Say Thank You! - Say thank you when you spend money or pay a bill. And I mean anything from a cup of coffee to your gas.  Here's the thing, you have the abundance and the ability to buy it, as small as it is, and that should be noticed. Simply say, "Thank you Universe for the abundance to buy this XXX." 

STEP #2: Treat Your Change Like...MONEY! - Friends, don't act like you don't do this (does awkward "I see you" hand gesture). The penny gets a bad wrap but here's the thing, it's still currency and it has a value!  When you see money on the ground, pick it up and say thank you and keep your your wallet or in an area...NOT in a couch cushion. 

STEP #3: Keep Your Wallet Organized! - You would hate it if you had to lay in a bad full of crumpled receipts and old business cards wouldn't you? If we think of money as a relationship, we want it to have a nice home. So let's give it one! 

Starting these 3 steps will start to shift that money mindset towards the positive my friend. Mastering your money starts in your head! 

Livin' & Lovin'