Two Actions to Get Back on Track

You know what I like to do at the end of every month?  Simply think back and ask myself how it went. It’s not a time to beat myself up about things that didn’t go smoothly or according to plan, it is merely a way to check in and see if I can make any adjustments for the next month to get back on go to the gym more than once a week.  I KNOW!  


Current behaviors that are making my eye twitch:


  1. I’m usually a 5x a week workout girl.  Lately, it’s been more like 1x.  GRANTED, I’ve purposely slowed my roll to help my body recover from some hormone issues, HOWEVER, the ship is starting to sail further away from the dock.  And NOT going to the gym is becoming a lot easier than going.

  2. My schedule lately has been B.O.N.K.E.R.S and I’ve been really relaxed about putting things back where they need to be. WHAT!? I know, I know. One day I’m just not putting back a sweater and the next day it looks like a tornado hit the entire house.

  3. I can’t seem to make it to a 9am meeting on time.  But let me just tell you...I’m usually up at 5am. WHAT THE EFF AM I DOING THAT I CAN’T MAKE A 9 AM MEETING ON TIME?


Can you related to this?  Knowing where to start can be tough, but I believe in the power of one week.  Pick a small shift that can set you up for success and try it for one week to see how it helps.


Here are two actions I am going to start taking this week. If you are struggling with a behavior/habit of your own, give one of these a whirl!



I know that sounds extreme (wait, have we met?), but it is the BEST way to gain awareness of how long things will take you AND keep you from seeing something shiny and getting distracted. I do this on days when I know I need to get a lot done, so this will be really helpful for me to conquer my morning routine (Apparently I’m doing a whole lot of nothing for 3 hours before I decide to start getting ready...late).  I’ll also schedule in my workouts and then make sure my husband is on board. I prefer to workout in the evening, so that means I need to walk Pink Lady in the morning.  Yup, our lives revolve around the dog.


PRO TIP: Do this with your spending money too. Schedule out how you are going to spend it. You’ll know pretty quickly if it is worth it to you or not.


You also might just need to adjust HOW you schedule. Read this post on conquering your calendar!



If I’m not putting things back, it usually means clutter is building up. Example, my jewelry drawer in the closet looked like the sale bin at Victoria’s Secret (I use this example because you can NEVER find your size just like I can never find the matching earring.).  Today, I took 30 minutes and organized the drawer AND got rid of some jewelry I never wear.  Next up, I’m doing another round in my closet.  I like to do this every 3 months. If I wasn’t totally prepared to get rid of something, usually 1-3 months later I know if it needs to go.  I’m also going to slowly make my way through other areas in the house that have a tendency to be dumping grounds, like the entry hall closet!


PRO TIP: Organize your closet at the start of every season. It gives you an opportunity to remove anything you didn’t wear over the season, and assess your clothes for the next season.  I’m a layer girl, so this is a bit easier since I don’t have a big closet flip.  


I share these stumbling blocks because I want you to know and understand, that we will always need “reset” moments in our lives.  If something that was once easy is all of a sudden not easy, it’s a great indicator to just check things out.  


Have a kickass Monday!  

Livin’ & Lovin’