You Gotta Feel the Feels

Last week on Facebook I shared an excerpt form my journal.  




You know when you hear that someone has felt what you are feeling and you hate that they had to go through it too...but you also feel comforted knowing that someone else has gone through it? Yeah...that’s why.  

This past week in my journal I talked about crying because, the minute my husband and I walked out the door of the vet to drop our dog off for surgery, I busted into tears. In fact, I cried driving all the way to work (I don’t recommend that. Real hard to see the road). And for the first time in a very long time, I accepted it and just let myself cry.

You know what is so weird about that?  Growing up and even into my early 20’s, I was a highly emotional person.  Crying...not a big deal. And somewhere that shifted. At some point in my life crying = weakness. And as I continued into my 30’s that became a pattern.

Bottling emotions up...

Guess what happens when you don’t allow yourself to experience the emotions you are feeling?  

When you DO let them’s like a serious volcano eruption. It's HARDER to deal with everything you are feeling because frankly it's like a dump truck of emotions just buried you. 

So lately, I’ve been working on feeling the feels. When I am more grounded with myself, that makes me a better coach, wife, dog mom, friend, colleague etc. It helps in this thing we call balance.

When I was sharing this with my mastermind coach last week, she dropped this Truth Sprinkle on me and it is SO GOOD!

“There's so much confusion about what it means to be strong. Strength requires feeling things through. We are strong because we cry.”

BOOMTOWN!  Feel the feels friend!  

Have a great week.

Livin’ & Lovin’