Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Let’s talk about being uncomfortable for a hot minute.  Most of us, at the first sniff of discomfort, get the hell outta Dodge.  Why? Because our brains are programed to go towards pleasure and away from discomfort.  Think caveman and survival. So yes, there is value in that primal response, but when it comes to present day, survival is often code for avoidance.

TRUTH SPRINKLE: what we avoid, won’t get better.  

There is incredible learning and power when we decide to be curious about our discomfort instead of running away from it.  And being curious often leads to openness to try something different to get a better result.

I am in a 6 month program with about 18 other women from around the world and we are diving deep into who we are, our businesses, where we want to go, and what we want.  It’s an amazing rollercoaster and one, I’ll admit, that has me sittin’ outside of my comfort zone. You would think for a retired musical theatre actress (saying retired makes me feel like I actually did it as a career….nope!  Always a side hustle.) dance therapy would be easy. But like anything else you don’t do’s uncomfortable.

I don’t know about you, but I want better results. So, when my coach says “Dance it out!” - I close my eyes and imagine I’m the best dancer on the freakin’ planet.  I’m uncomfortable, but I’m open.

Right now, is the perfect time to get uncomfortable and try something new.

When you think of your dreams and aspirations, what kind of discomfort do you want to feel?  A nagging discomfort because you AREN’T following your dreams? Or discomfort because you are reaching for them?

PRO TIP: Use  this “towards pleasure, away from pain” when you think about your money.  If money is something that has been uncomfortable for you, odds are you might be avoiding it. Lean in. Pay attention to it. And turn that discomfort into comfort.