3 Ways To Find Balance In Sacrifice

Let’s face it, depending on where we are in our lives, we might be called to sacrifice. 

It’s actually an essential ingredient to our success, but sometimes it can be hard to find the balance between not doing anything and sacrificing everything way.

Here are 3 ways you can find that balance when you are in a season of sacrifice. 

#1.  Treat it like a season

That’s right. Sacrifice is not something that is never ending. In fact, it should have a very clear end date...like a 10k run. You KNOW when that thing is gonna end. It could be an amazing journey or rough, but you know where the end marker is and THAT is really important for your brain. Knowing the season helps you stick with it. 

#2.  Decide your pace

Okay, so this is turning into a running analogy...I’m going with it.  Sacrifice doesn’t mean that you have to go so hard core you have no time to eat or sleep. You get to decide the pace you want to take in your season of sacrifice.  Maybe you do want to go all in because that is what works for you, or perhaps you need a bit of flow in there. Example: You decide that you only sprint for a period of time, like working on Saturday mornings only for 4 hours.  Make sense?  Find a pace that pushes your edge a bit, but doesn’t over do it.

#3. Train for it

You can’t just run out the door and hit 13 miles if you haven’t been running. I mean you can, but it might not feel great.  When you decide on your season and pace, it’s okay to work up to it or adjust in the middle.  It’s like feeling really good at the beginning of the race and then needing to give yourself a serious pep talk around mile 10. And that pep talk usually includes checking in with yourself:  Do I need to slow down? Can I keep moving? And some negotiation: Make it to the next drink station and then slow your pace down. It’s okay to work up to it and it’s okay to flex while you are in it.  

TRUTH SPRINKLE: There are no medals for how much pain you put yourself through in your season of sacrifice, but there are medals for finishing friend. 

Find that ebb and flow in your season of sacrifice and I bet it won’t feel like a sacrifice. 

Livin’ & Lovin’