Are You Addicted To Struggle?

We are taught to struggle.

In fact, the struggle is CELEBRATED everywhere we look. News articles, TV shows.  

The underdog that had to struggle and won, is the story that we all like, because it’s the story we’ve been told over and over.

It’s not that those stories are bad, it’s that it has warped our thoughts and mindset around things being easy.

When it’s easy, we feel like we don’t deserve it.  

Is this resonating with you?

It sure did with me.  

In building my business, or excelling in my career, I would have this thought that if it wasn’t hard then I was being lazy and ultimately didn’t deserve what I had.


You know why this is so important?  Because self-worth not only impacts your life in general, but it really impacts your money game.  And whether you are aware of it or not, we often self-sabotage ourselves with our money because we feel it should be hard.

Your action:

Think through your life today and list all of the areas that have felt hard. Then for each one, identify how you have perpetuate that thought.  

This will be eye opening.  Once you’ve done that, identify the one you want to focus on and think through how you can make it easy.

Have a kickass Monday!