A Question You Need To Ask About Habits


I’ve got a question for you: what habits are you creating for someone else? 

What the!?  

I know...stay with me. 

I’ve had some big ah-ha’s this past year and the biggest one was recognizing where I contributed to some of the chaos that drives me bonkers. 

In short - my lack of boundaries enabled others to depend on me for certain things...thus they created expectations and habits around my behavior. 


What does this look like? 

  • Friends always showing up late because they know you’ll wait (Guilty...the late part)

  • Friends choosing expensive bars or restaurants because you never speak up that you have some financial goals and have chosen spending limits

  • Co-workers assuming you’ll step in and make sure a project is complete because you always come through 

  • Your significant other not stepping in to help with dinner or get groceries because you can do it better and faster

You pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down? 

When we are unhappy with a situation or circumstance, I’m telling you now...it is a requirement from now in that you identify how you’ve helped create it. 

Truth sprinkle comin’ in hot this Monday. 

This is what you need to discover: 

  • How do you want it to go?

  • How is it currently going?

  • How have you contributed to how it is now (remember, we only really have control over ourselves)

  • What boundaries can you create that will help you shift from the current into the future? 

Boundaries doesn’t mean you have to put up a brick wall. Recognize that even a sheer curtain can help separate a space although you can see through it. 

Boundaries are a necessity for you to navigate life. If you are feeling frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed or anxious...it’s time to gently create some boundaries. 

You have one life to life, and it should be with joy.