9 Easy Ways To Kick The January "Blahs"

Usually when life is feeling chaotic my go to action is to practice the most basic skill for that area of my life. Sometimes I think I’m hoping that I’ll have some major revelation...nope. It’s usually something I already know how to do.

Here are some of the basic actions that have worked for me:

9 Easy Ways To Kick The January Blahs.png


Pick a goal:  Vacation? Extra payment on the house? IRA? It’s normal to stray off course of your money game. Usually when this happens for me, it’s because I need a new goal or I need to visit an old one. I like to have a north star.

Clean my wallet: I stay pretty organized but I’m still shocked how messy my wallet can get.  Removing the things that don’t belong makes a HUGE difference. Just like organizing your closet or your kitchen pantry, this feels really calming.

Check our net worth: I know this sounds super boring but seeing your net worth can either be a great kick in the pants or an affirmation that you are on the right path. This number will flex depending on what is going on with your life, but it’s the best way to holistically look at your financial situation. Basically, take everything you have (home value, retirement, investment, savings etc.) and subtract everything you owe.  


Block my work time for the week: If I’m feeling blah, odds are I’m heading into procrastination station and that just doesn’t work for my full time job. I have a lot of deadlines and have to manage my time really well. So if I’m not feeling awesome, I have to go back to scheduling EXACTLY what I’m going to work on at what time. It removes the emotions and tells me what to do so I don’t have to waste time convincing myself.

Cut my social media time: I’m not one to spend hours on social media scrolling...unless I’m feeling...yup, blah. Then, it’s like a vortex I can’t escape.  I know this, so I avoid it. My go to lately is to put my phone in my home office when I get home so I’m not looking at it at night.  In the morning, I set a timer and know my purpose when I log on. Usually it is to make a post and check the Facebook pages. This helps me wasting any time mindlessly scrolling.

Block time to food prep:  What? I know...this seems weird in the “time” segment but I’m used to eating most of my meals at home or from food I make.  So, I never really account for time to go out to lunch during the work day. If I’m feeling crunched for time or blah anyways….that’s another trigger for me to just waste time by trying to figure out what to eat, going to get it, getting back to the office etc.  Food prep for me is basically life prep. I feel better and my sensitive stomach appreciates it...as well as my bank account.


Make time for quiet:  I’m someone who used to need the TV or radio on all the time. Now, I crave quiet and I know when I start to feel stressed I need to hop to a meditation, have a quiet walk or simply be in a quiet room.

Use a tropical smelling lotion: I know this is the weirdest thing, BUT...I love the beach. LOVE. It is so calming and restful for me.  So when I’m in the middle of the cold winter craving the surf and sand, I bust out a lotion that’s got some tropical vibes.  Smell is an amazing way to transport yourself. Use it! There’s a reason why realtors bake cookies at open houses =)

I make sure I move: This is the first thing I want to avoid when I’m feeling blah and I know it is the one thing that will make me feel better. I have NEVER regretted a workout or going for a walk.  Sometimes we just need to move that stagnant energy. Choose what feels good for you energetically in that moment and just do it with the intention of moving.

How are you feeling this January?  Drop me a comment and tell me!

Livin’ & Lovin’