5 Simple Exercises To Turn Your Mood Around. 

Don’t let your day run you! Try one of these simple exercises to shift your mood.

Don’t let your day run you! Try one of these simple exercises to shift your mood.

Some of these exercises are plain silly but frankly, when it comes to this stuff - ya gotta do the thing that works for you and resonates. Amiright!!? 

If you rolled out of bed on the wrong side or that co-worker is on your nerves, try one of these 5 simple exercises to turn that frown upside down (totally went there). 

#1. Laugh

Is there a website that makes you laugh or a meme that always cracks you up?  Save that bad boy and ensure you have quick access to it. Have you read the Buzzfeed of the text messages gone wrong?  Something like that. A true standby that is sure to make you laugh. Mine - pretty much any animal video (My sister and I particularly like videos that show bird legs...I don’t.know.why. I also feel this way about Kermit’s legs...totally laughing right now.) This isn’t a trite exercise. Laughing is backed by science! Feel free to go down the rabbit whole in this article that points out the scientific reasons behind laughter as the best medicine. 

#2. Just Start Smiling

I know, weird right? If I start smiling for no reason I feel like a total dork, but then something magical happens.  I actually start thinking of things to make me smile and before I know it...I’ve actually lifted my mood by thinking of joyful things and not about all of the annoying stuff.

#3. Seek Joy

Ask yourself, “what is one tiny thing I can do in this moment to find more joy.”  You might be shocked at your response because it will most likely be emotional and PROBABLY geared towards letting something go. That’s powerful stuff. You control how you respond. Remember that. Your coworker or your spouse's bad mood doesn’t have to impact you friend.  

#4. Question Your Mood

Sometimes, we’ve created emotional habits.  If you wake up each morning and tell yourself, “I hate my job” the odds are high that you will feel dread the minute you think about work.  I get it, you might truly hate your job but until you take action to change it, you need to give yourself a little boost so this constant dread doesn’t actually start to impact your personality (this is true friends).  Flip the script and instead of naming everything that is wrong with a situation, name the positives. What we focus on grows. 

#5. Play Would You Rather

I mean...a damn good game right?  I suggest tying this in to your emotions and be as dramatic as you’d like. Example: Would you rather wear your poopy pants all day and be upset and feel sad and mad or would you rather feel small pockets of joy and less stress?  Duh. 

Moral of this story friends:  You are in the driver’s seat. And just like driving in a storm, it’s okay to pull over and just sit and wait for something to pass.  You’ll get back on the road, you just have to practice patience. 

Livin’ & Lovin’ 


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