5 Ways To Help You 'Let Go'

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Cue the Disney music! SORRY (every parent right now is real mad at me).  But seriously, let’s stay on topic here...

Letting go of anything in your life can be hard.  Even if you are crystal clear on why and that it is the best thing for you. Even if what you are letting go, caused you pain. 

Insert all of the “evens” here - it’s still hard. And that’s okay. 

With that said, having some more realistic expectations of how the “let go” will go down can be incredibly helpful. 


Because we can spin ourselves into more anxiety when we have the expectation that it will be easy. This expectation can lead us to questioning our decision and feeling like something is wrong with us. 


That’s not allowed on my watch friend because neither of those statements is likely true and I think you should always trust your decisions. 

So let’s talk about ways we can make this process smoother without bypassing what we need to feel, shall we? 

#1. Write about it

I know you are totally shocked that I’m recommending you journal about this (because I recommend this for everything...basically). I’m hard core about writing because it helps your brain processes and release.  Put those thoughts somewhere and be okay if they don’t make sense. Trust, that if you don’t feel it now, that you will. 

#2. Get quiet

Tap into that intuition.  It’s your internal GPS and it ALWAYS knows where it is going, we just like to get in the way.  Take 5 minutes, close your eyes and get present by listening to the sounds around you. Then tell yourself, “I’m letting go of XXXX” and check in with how you feel. Calm?  Amazing, remember that. Nervous? Ask yourself, “What do I feel nervous about” (or any other feeling that isn’t a “YES”). You will get to your answer friend because you ALWAYS know what is best for you. 

#3. Honor what was good

Take a moment and honor how you have learned from what you are letting go. In short, what was good.  Even in times that are really low, we can find a reason for the season. And this awareness allows us to honor the feelings, but also appreciate the experience and what it has done for our lives. That is powerful. 

#4. Appreciate what is new

Where are you going!? (Insert a Godspell song...shout out to my musical theatre nerds!). What is new?  Even if the new is scary...it’s NEW! There is magic in the unknown friend.  Acknowledge it and appreciate it. 

#5. Get rooted

In short: get grounded in your authentic self.  Odds are, if you are releasing something that has always been a part of you but doesn’t feel in alignment anymore...you are getting to your authentic self and that.is.magical! Ask yourself, “does this feel good?” If you are making a decision that you know is right for you...the answer will almost always be yes. 

Livin’ & Lovin’