5 Ways To Invest In Yourself

If I had a nickel every time someone had judgment around a person spending $700 to start a business at home, I’d be a really rich woman.  

This always blows my mind because we will spend THOUSANDS of dollars on weddings and college, none of which have ANY guarantee of success and yet we want 100% guarantee to even invest the tiniest amount in ourselves. 

I call BS to that! 

When we invest in ourselves, we keep our cup full. And as Lisa Nichols always says, “you serve from your saucer.” 


In my opinion, investing in yourself is actually the ONLY investment that guarantees a 100% return. 

5 ways to invest in yourself.png

Here are 5 ways to start investing in yourself today. 

Call in sick  

I have a “no sickness in the office” policy. If a staff member even starts to sniffle, I send them home. WHY? Because your body is saying, “YO...I’m sick” and if you have the luxury of paid sick time (yes, it is a luxury), take it. Actually take it the MINUTE you feel sick and take it if you feel mentally tired friends. Mental health is real. Listen, I used to love to think I was so important that I couldn’t miss a day of work until I took 10 days off and disconnected my email and discovered, oh...that’s right, everything was fine. 

Take a class

I know so many women who want to start a business or learn how to do something and they will work themselves to death scrounging for free bits on the internet.  YES, there is a ton of free content out there that you should definitely consume, but don’t be scared to actually pay for a class. There is so much value in having someone guide you, ESPECIALLY if you connect with them. And, if they are doing what YOU want to do, it’s magic to learn from that person. You are LITERALLY changing your neural pathways to believe that you too can do it. 

Get a Therapist or a Coach

This is actually not as taboo as it used to be and that is refreshing, but there is still a stigma on paying money for someone to help you through a hard time. Again, I call BS (obviously since I’m a coach)! I love (being sarcastic here) how we put value on our peace of mind, mental health, and just our overall quality of life. And when I say “value” I actually mean we don’t value it. We’d spend $600 on a new grill because #food but not on a coach.  Guess what? Someone has to cook the food so...take care of the cook! AND some results aren’t tangible or obvious to the naked eye. Sometimes progress and results are a feeling. 

Go to an event

I remember the first time I paid to go to a conference for The School of Betty and it felt so “weird” to pay money for something that I wanted to do that wasn’t connected to a full-time job. And I also remember what it felt like to invest in a weekend wellness trip that I wasn’t sure would have any tangible benefit, but it felt like I should be there and so I went. All of them, filled up my soul and surrounded me with individuals who were all doing the same thing and it was amazing. Go get inspired friends! Oprah is comin’ to Denver and you can GUARANTEE I’mma be on that ticketing site when tickets go on sale! 

Take a trip

Have you ever taken at trip by yourself or with a girlfriend? It’s magical. Truly magical. And let’s be honest...it will feel selfish. But let me tell you friend, you MUST be selfish. If you aren’t, that sweet soul and body of yours will struggle to show up, be whole and be healthy. Only have 24 hours to spare? Get your booty on a discount hotel site and book somewhere in your city. Preferably one with a nice robe, a good bed and room service.  

Every single one of these efforts will require money, time and energy.  Those are our resources and to live an amazing life, we have to use them. This is your friendly reminder to use some on yourself. 

Livin’ & Lovin’