35 Days Left In The Year - Do This...

Do This To Use The Last 35 Days of the year like a pro.png

We have 35 days left in 2018. WHAAAAAT!?

Does that stress you out?  Are you thinking of everything you started and never completed or...didn’t start?

Guess what my friend?  The year isn’t over.

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you might have read about my outlandish resolutions. I used to love choosing things that I didn’t feel I could accomplish.  

Here’s the thing: I did that because it gave me a false sense of control and it forced me to focus on my goal and allowed me to avoid a LOT of things I needed to be dealing with (oh hey feelings!).  These resolutions also never had room for me to celebrate the fact that I made progress or completed some really amazing things. 

So, I’ve changed my tune a bit when it comes to resolutions and the start and end of a year.  

You know what feels REALLY good?  Completing and/or making progress on something. We’re all really great at starting things, it’s the continuing and the completing that can throw us off.  

Why?  Well, probably because we never really celebrate progress or completing if we didn't hit our original goal.  But we can change that. 

What do you say we do something to make some progress or complete something in these last 35 days? 

Let's do it!

Your Action: 

Pick ONE thing that is in your heart that you would like to make further progress on or complete by the end of the year. It doesn't matter what it is.  It can be small. It can be big. It can be fun, it can be boring.  

#1. Pick Your THING

It could be cleaning out your junk drawer, learning how to crochet or finishing 3 lessons on Duolingo. I don’t care what it is as long as it is in your heart and feels good to you.

#2. Decide What Progress Looks Like

Each week, identify what progress looks like to you….then cut that in half (WHAAAT!?).  YEAH...we are usually really bad at estimating how much we can get done. So we want that progress goal to be realistic because...we’re in the business of feeling good. Example, if you want to jump from 2 days at the gym to 7, let's aim for 4.  Make sense? 

#3. Pick How You Will Celebrate.  

Our brains like games and our habits like rewards. Work for something that resonates with you. THIS is incredibly helpful in those moments that you want to stop.  And in addition to that sweet reward, when you feel those moments that are urging you to give up, I want you to think back about your progress.  And how by simply doing whatever you are doing a little, is more than you were doing...and THAT is pretty amazing. 

So,  what will you do with the remainder of 2018? 

Reply to this email and tell me. I love hearing from you. 

Have an amazing Monday my friend.