3 Ways to Conquer Overwhelm

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Ugh, if we don’t pay attention, it can hijack our thoughts and therefore our feelings.  I would love to say that once you conquer overwhelm, she’s gone forever, but in my experience...she doesn’t work like that.  BUT, (this is the good news), we can create better habits around our overwhelm that will help us move forward.


Well, I can tell you what I do personally, and maybe it will help. See...I’m very familiar with overwhelm. Because I am a soul that can’t seem to slow down (still on the meditation train!), I have to actively work to create space in my life (aka not doing all the things). So, I have a few actions that I do now in moments when I feel overwhelm.  And when I say overwhelm, I mean the, “I might cry right now if you look at me” overwhelm.


#1. Stop for a hot minute and breathe.  Sounds SO SIMPLE….YET SO HARD! Just stop. Especially in those moments when overwhelm is about to wash you away, the thoughts are spinning wildly and your body feels helpless. Stop. Breathe.  For 5 minutes. And think of something calming. For me...the beach (#tropical).

#2. Write it all down.  Even if you are someone who does not enjoy journaling, I encourage you to do this step because it isn’t about feelings, it’s about relieving the stress in your brain.  A brain dump. Take 5 minutes, and write down EVERYTHING that is stressing you out. ALL OF IT. Your brain will thank you.

#3. Choose one thing.  We can’t do everything (wait..WHAT!? I know, I know) and multitasking is a myth (SON-OF-A…). So, take a look at that list, and pick the ONE thing that if you focused on it, would give you the most calm. Usually, it’s the thing that is causing you the most stress. BUT WAIT...there’s a catch. That one thing HAS to be something you actually have control over.  And, if you don’t have control over it, know that you have control over your feelings around it and how you are allowing it to impact you. This one thing, is your focus for a week.

Because I am super ambitious and I love being busy (true story...I hate to admit it, but I love the #hustle), I KNOW that I am the cause of most of my overwhelm.  Yup. Gulp. Truth Sprinkle...on myself. I CHOOSE to be busy and take on projects and do things 100% all.of.the.time. But knowing that about myself has empowered me to be able to understand that when I do get overwhelmed, I have the power to eliminate it.

If you are feelin’ it lately, try these three steps and let me know how it goes by replying to this email.

You aren’t alone in overwhelm, but you alone have the power to eliminate it.

Have an amazeballs week!

Livin’ & Lovin’