3 Simple Things I'm Loving

I cannot believe I am saying this, but...I’m really digging this 10 min meditation business. WHAT!? I know. This is shocking to me too.  My brain is like the Indy 500 ALL.DAY.LONG. and I never thought I would be able to slow it down, but it is happening. It isn’t perfect, but 14 days in, I can feel I’m just a bit more calm.  

I have ALWAYS defended my need for speed by simply stating, “THIS IS WHO I AM!” I’m being true to myself so why do I need to slow down?  Honestly, this past year has been the year that it is finally sinking in that YES, it is who I am, but for my mental AND physical health, I have to slow down. We only have one body and one lifetime and we gotta treat it right!

So, as we head into 2018, I decided that I would identify a phrase that I would embody for the New Year.  Are you ready?  It is:


Can you dig it?  Raise your hand if you can get WAY into the weeds with things?  Life, work, Google, WebMD. You know, you start one thing and get distracted and then complicate the heck out of it. Whatever your poison is, complication = time suck. So this is going to be my mantra!   

And in the spirit of that, here are 3 powerfully simple things that I am LOVING right now:

  • 1 GIANT MIND: This meditation app!  It’s so great. It teaches you how to meditate in 12 steps and is FREE! Magic words.  Also, their tagline is “Now is the time” and I just love that.  Give it a whirl!
  • JESSIE GOLDEN: This lovely lady is not only the food prep queen, but her philosophy around food and health is SO, SO simple and honestly...effing refreshing.  Click read how she food preps and you can download her free ebook on food prep with easy meals!
  • UNDERSTANDING THAT OUR DECISIONS AROUND MONEY ARE EMOTIONAL, NOT LOGICAL.  I’m serious. I tapped into this when I gave up shopping. I realized my shopping simply stemmed from feeding an emotion and not for a need.  If you can recognize this, it changes the game AND allows you to not be so hard on yourself for the choices you’ve made in the past.  You can watch the short video here.

NOW is the time to brainstorm YOUR words for 2018. Bust out your pen and paper and write down all of the words that inspire you, embody how you want to feel in 2018, describe what you want to accomplish, and personify how you want to live. Write them all down and then create a phrase that feels good to your heart. 

What will your words be for 2018? I would love to hear!  Reply to this email or hit me up on social media.  


Have a kickass week!

Livin’ & Lovin’