Three Things to Help Your Closet Today

Three sounds like a good number, so I'm gonna be dropping "3 Things You can do TODAY" to start making progress.



1.  KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WEARING: Hang all of your clothes with the "hook" of the hanger facing towards you. When you wear something, hang it back with the "hook" facing away. At the end of a month, you can quickly see the clothes you didn't wear by scanning the hanger direction.  If you didn't wear something, it might be time to donate.

2. PLAN YOUR CLOTHES FOR A WEEK: If you are struggling in the morning to get dressed for work, practice some delayed gratification and put together A WEEK of outfits TODAY and have them hanging ready to go. This week, see how it you have to change anything or did every outfit work out perfectly?  EVERYTHING in your closet should feel GREAT AND AWESOME, so if you put on an outfit and then spun into trying on different things, hang the piece that was "off" to the side.  Keep doing this each week and eventually you will have a collection of pieces that are probably ready for: alterations or donation.

3. CREATE A BADASS OUTFIT SECTION: When you wear an outfit that FEELS AMAZING and YOU feel amazing, hang it back up together in a section.  Do this for a week to a month and you will have a section of "go to" outfits that make you feel like a million buck and fit really well.  Once you have some clothes in this section, lay them out and identify the likes and differences. Example: is it a certain cut of shirt? A specific cut of jeans etc. THEN you can create new outfits with those cuts in mind, or when you do NEED to purchase new clothes, you will know what you feel the best in.


Your closet should be a reflection of YOU and a source of creativity. It should NOT define your self-esteem, self-worth, or be a source of stress.


Happy Closet = Happy Betty.



Brianna Firestone