This 20% Is Important

Last week was Equal Pay Day.  Did you know that? Yup. You know why we have that day? Because for every dollar a man earns in the U.S., a woman earns an average of 80 cents. According to the World Economic Forum, it will take more than 200 years to close this wage gap (AND...this gap is even bigger for women of color).

How do you feel about that?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get on a soapbox...okay, maybe I am.  THIS is why I am so passionate about teaching women how to master their money AND get real comfortable in their skin, because we deserve that 20%. And until we get that equality in pay, we need to manage the heck out of our money. Ironically enough, this is often the recommended percentage that should be put into your retirement, savings etc. (Yes Mr. Advisor, I’d love to do that...can you give me my 20%?  That’d be great. Okay bye!).



I’m a big believer in having a positive and abundant mindset around money. And that means I give without fear that I won’t have. When I created The School of Betty and told people I was giving 15% back to non-profit organizations, they freaked!  As in: "That’s not smart business."

WELL, in my humble opinion, giving back is the SMARTEST way to do business.  And I know when I help individuals, it will come back to me is some shape or form and frankly, the “giving high” I feel from doing it is enough in my book.  

Let’s high five right now!

We don’t have to feel victim to the 20%.  In fact, we can take action by feeling empowered and confident around our finances.



Let’s get after it.  

I get lots of emails asking about my excel budget file and emails from individuals that are just ready to get started on SOMETHING.  I hear ya. I remember what that felt like. To feel the urge to take action and then not be able to take action. BOO!

BRI, just give me the excel sheet already!



Okay, okay, here is why I don’t sell that badboy on its own: Managing your money is really less to do with the numbers and so much to do with your mindset, emotions, habits & behaviors.  If you can master those areas, then the budgeting part is easy peasy. If you don’t master those areas, you’ll always be fighting with the budget (Read here for a big factor that is contributing to your delay getting on the budget train.)

Does that make sense?



But I HEAR you, which is why today, I am launching the Betty Budget Basics course. And instead of creating something from scratch, I utilized something that I KNOW works; the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge.  


I pulled 10 lessons from the Challenge that I feel are the most important to laying your foundation and getting you on the road to changing your money game. AND, these are the essential lessons that you need before building your basic budget, which we will do in the class (yes, you’ll get the basic excel budget template) 



Think of this as the 90 Day No Shopping sampler appetizer platter (hmmmm mozzarella sticks), without the ‘no shopping’ part. AND, if you go through the course and are lovin’ it and want to jam on the summer 90 Day No Shopping Challenge, I’ll apply your $47 course fee to the challenge fee.  BOOMTOWN!

AND, AND, because I’m on an equality soapbox, instead of my normal 15%, I’m gonna give 20% on this one. matters.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the course here. 



Mastering your money, doesn't start with your money. 


Livin' & Lovin'