Want a Badass Life? Know These 5 Things

LIFE is complicated, but also real simple.  

Not livin’ the badass life you had hoped?


Here are the 5 things that are IMPERATIVE for you to get on the right path.

#1. Know your current life ROI

Is how you are living your life giving you the return that you want?  Our time and energy are also valuable resources, yet when we spend them...we never really question the ROI like we would if it was money.  THIS is hugely important to your happiness. If you aren’t spending your time and energy towards things that ultimately serve your purpose in this life...odds are you aren’t happy.

#2. Know your values

Yeah...like a company.  Each of us should KNOW what our personal values are. Why?  Because this helps us make decisions that are best aligned with us.  Studies show that when individuals live outside of their values, they are unhappy. BOO! That's no good. 

#3. Know how to manage your resources

Your time, your money and your energy friends. We need all three of these to live our lives, truly. And how you allocate them can greatly influence your happiness. They can work for you or against you. 

#4. Know how to take care of yourself

In our society, rest is not a word that is used often and most individuals (especially women) feel guilty for taking care of themselves. And part of the reluctance is not knowing how to ask, or not feeling supported in doing so. This one can be hard, but once you crack this code...you start living life.

#5. Know your vision and how to find your focus

You know what I hear a lot?  “I start so many things and never finish.” - oh friend...I hear ya.  One of the hardest exercises for my students, is identifying what they want. Most of us know EXACTLY what we don’t want, but saying what we would like is a foreign concept. You have to know where you want to go (and why) in order to know where to focus and how to get there. You won't stop if you know why you are doing it. 

Ready for the kicker?  

All five of these will be changing throughout your life. Fact. We can’t change that, but we can learn the skills and the methods to be able to flex so we KNOW how to always live in alignment with our values to get us towards our vision while taking care of ourselves along the way.  Right?