Three Reasons Your Budget Needs a Goal

Have you ever driven through Kansas? No? Well...maybe don't put that on your bucket list.  Once, when I went home to visit my family in Missouri, I had the grand idea to drive (Yup, through Kansas)...woof. It was a flat, long, endless 13 hours. The Michael J. Fox book I had on CD helped, but it.was.loooooong.

You know what else feels flat, long and endless? Having a budget without a goal. You just keep driving. It's not exciting and it USUALLY ends up being something you never want to do again.

Think of your budget as a REALLY, REALLY great road trip.  Most of the time when you are creating a road trip you are making sure it has the following qualities:

* Multiple Pit stops to interesting places

* Snacks

* A mix of Fast AND scenic routes

* A timeline...ish

* An ultimate final destination

Try applying that same thinking to your budget.

* Select an ultimate goal and a rough timeline.

* Mix in some pit-stop goals (or progress goals) and decide if you are going to take the fast route (REALLY disciplined) there or the scenic route (Longer and less intense).

* Treat yourself with some snacks along the way (celebrate the pit stop goals).

Happy travels!

xoxo - B