Take Back Time With This 1 Trick.

I’m guessing at one point in your life you have uttered the words, “If there were just more hours in the day!.”  Right?  I’m also sure that you have seen the meme that states: You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce.  

Feel free to read this short NY Magazine article that disputes, NO...actually you don’t. 

So while you are building your empire, let’s talk about 1 thing you can do NOW that will help you take back your time:

FACT:  Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, found the typical office worker is interrupted or switches tasks, on average, every three minutes and five seconds. And it can take 23 minutes and 15 seconds just to get back to where they left off…

WOOF!  Add how many times you are interrupted during the day and that is A LOT OF TIME.


Insert the POWER HOUR.  

Back in the day when I worked for a busy NY PR firm, there was ALWAYS so much going on.  Add the general firm chaos to the fact that we worked in an open space setting, and interruption time was compounded.

I NEEDED some uninterrupted time to work so I started scheduling what I called the POWER HOUR, and it changed everything.



One hour of time.  Email is turned off.  You do not answer your phone. Co-workers are not allowed to interrupt you...Under NO circumstances.



  1. Identify the work or task that will take place during the hour. This is important! You want the hour to be productive and if you don’t have a game plan, it’s likely to go like most of the other hours during your day....you get to the end of it and FEEL like you have been working, but don’t have anything to show for it.

  2. Schedule an hour of time on your calendar. I would recommend at least 1 per day.

  3. Set your email out of office “I am on a power hour (an hour of uninterrupted work time). I will respond to your email at X:XX am/pm.

  4. If you have an office, slap a post-it on your door.  If you don’t have a door, put a post-it on the entrance to your cube or on the back of your chair.  If you are in an open work space, put your earphones in.

  5. Get your work on!


  • Let your co-workers know what you are doing and encourage them to try it.

  • Be strong in your commitment to not reschedule the hour. I recommend starting with 1 hour a day.

  • Color code the POWER HOUR on your schedule so you can visually see it and prepare (We have more visual schedule tips coming to you soon!)

  • Stick to it for 1-2 weeks

  • At the end of each day, schedule your hour for the next day.  If your weeks fill up, schedule all of your power hours for the next week on Fridays.

  • Don’t work at an office and are juggling kids at home?  Discuss with your spouse how you can incorporate power hours when you will be able to have child care.  IE - when your spouse gets home.

  • The power hour doesn’t have to just be for work, it can be to recharge YOU!



Betty Rule:  If you try it, you have to track it.

TRUTH SPRINKLE: It does you NO GOOD if you try something and don’t pay attention to see if it works.  This is when people give up and say, “it didn’t work for me.”  It didn’t? Or do you just not know or give up too soon?  


I got you covered.  Click here to download the Power Hour Tracking Sheet.

It’s Friday, schedule your Power Hours for next week TODAY.  

- B