Try This Habit Trick

I’ll be honest, I have a love for office supplies. I could wander around an office store for hours. Some say giving up clothes shopping is hard.  I say yes, AND trying not to buy a new notebook or a cool looking pen is just as hard. I’m pretty sure this is baked into our memories from buying new school supplies at the end of every summer in anticipation of a new classroom and a new teacher (Did you catch that? Buying NEW things...kinda ingrained into our behavior from the get go.  More on that in a future).  Staying organized makes my heart sing and I blame the Trapper Keeper and Lisa Frank for all of my adult office supplies issues.  MOVING ON!

I can’t be too embarrassed about my love of order because it has served me well when trying to create a new habit. I’m human (WUT?) and anytime I am working on putting a new habit into place, I too have to work at it. AND...I discovered: the Post-it is a magical habit maker.

Without getting too geeky on you, our habits are simply our brain trying to make us efficient. We make SO, SO MANY decisions every minute, and we don’t realize it because our brain has streamlined that process for us.  In fact, over 40% of our daily activities are done through habits. IMAGINE how long it could take you to pick out your coffee mug in the morning if this process wasn’t in place? I’m just saying, if you have a lot of mugs...probably a long time.

One of the best ways to create a new habit is to interrupt the old behavior. Have you ever walked into a room and forgot what you were doing?  Yeah, that was your brain being interrupted.  You know what is a good interrupter?  POST-ITS!  Slap those babies around the house.  


  • Want to keep your closet organized?  Put a Post-it front and center in your closet that says, “PUT YOUR CLOTHES AWAY.”

  • Can’t seem to make your lunch the night before?  Put a Post-it by your toothbrush that says, “GO MAKE YOUR LUNCH.”

  • Need to workout in the morning? Put a Post-it on your bathroom mirror that says, “GO WORKOUT FOR 30 MIN.”

THE KEY:  Put the Post-it in a place that will...yes, interrupt your behavior.  IE - where do you have the opportunity to do something different?

If you are wanting to workout in the morning, and this is your current routine:

  • Get up

  • Go to the bathroom

  • Go drink coffee

  • Go sit on the couch and watch the news

  • Eat breakfast

  • Get ready for work

You have 6 options to place your post-it.  SIX opportunities to change your behavior. Maybe you need one Post-it...maybe you need all 6. The number of Post-its doesn't matter as long as you see the cue. GOT IT? 

WHY NOT START TODAY? It’s the day of the solar eclipse and everyone is freaking out, so it seems like a great day to start something new. Give it a whirl and tell me how it worked!

Have an awesome day lovely...and cue the Bonnie Tyler music!

Livin’ & Lovin’