Body talk...

It’s 9:09pm on Sunday night and I’m sitting here at my computer trying to figure out WHAT I want to talk to you about this Monday. I have a whole list of topics and stories that I want to share with you, but for some reason...I’m just not jammin’ on any of them.


Today, I took a three hour nap…(Uh, I ain’t got no time for that!) and I probably could have slept into the night if I would have allowed myself.  Do you ever feel like that?  It’s almost like your body gives up and just shuts you down. I imagine the conversation going like this:


Body: “You never call!”

Me: “What do you mean!? I’m B.U.S.Y. BODY!  I got this one life to live and I have A LOT to do!

<insert headache>

Body: “You never write!”

Me: “Body, why are you so needy? I TOLD YOU...STUFF TO DO!”

<insert stomach cramps>

Body: “You never tell me you love me…”

<insert body shutdown...epic nap>

Me: “I’m sorry...I’ll take better care of us.”


WHAT!? You don’t have conversations in your mind like that? I’m not sure why my parents were surprised when I said I wanted to go into theatre. Talking to myself and reenacting “Star Search” every Sunday...I mean, really.

I digress.  Here’s the deal. I’m a goal digger and a hustler and I know you are too.  I have to  FORCE myself to slow down. And when my brain is tell me I don’t have time, I remind myself that my body needs it. And I might have one LIFE to live, but I also only have one BODY...and I kinda need it to conquer the world.  You know?

Today, on this amazing Monday, give yourself 5 minutes to simply breathe in silence.  Visualize your week and be still. YOU run your life, your to do list does not.


Calmly head into the week ma’am!


Livin’ & Lovin’ with you -