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Okay, we are REALLY in the holidays now. I say that because I'm hearing jingle bells coming from the TV. Tis' the season! 

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend and we were talking about how easy it can be to overspend on a gift, or GIFTS during the holidays.  And I can TOTALLY relate.  See, when you've had a shopping problem, you've also probably had a "shopping for other people" problem. And if you tend to overspend on other people and you DON'T have a gift plan for the holidays, your holiday shopping looks something like this: 

  • You head to the mall with a mental list and a ROUGH idea of what you will buy for each person and KIND OF an idea of how much you'll spend. 
  • At the mall you wander around and then finally decide to go into a big box store because THERE you can probably buy ALL the gifts at once and you are SURE it's going to be fast. 
  • Before you walk there, you stop off at Starbucks because the mall is really stressful and you should get another jolt of juice. 
  • You walk into the big box store and head to the jewelry section, because you can probably find a few gifts for your sister and your girlfriends. 
  • You notice some cute earrings are on sale but decide not to buy them because $20 seems too cheap and you were thinking of spending $50 each. What if she doesn't like them and returns them and sees that I only spent $20?  
  • You leave the earrings and head to the purses. 
  • They have the cutest handbags on sale that would be perfect gifts except they are $100 each. They are really beautiful.  You know it is way over your budget, but its a really big brand and $100 is  a steal. 
  • You decide to buy 3 of them in different colors and take them to the check out. 
  • You are $150 over budget but you feel a surge of excitement thinking of giving the fancy gifts to your friends and head to the mens department. 
  • The cycle repeats. 

I mean WHAT.IN.THE.EVER.LOVING.WORLD!? I can say that because that is EXACTLY how I would handle my holiday shopping back in the day.  And let me tell you, the excitement quickly wears off in January when you get your credit card bill. 

So, I decided to start planning for my gifts and actually, the entire season as a whole. And it was a game changer.

NO more wandering around. No more negotiating with yourself. No more equating the value of the gift with how much it cost. And no more sad Januarys. Want to know what I did to turn that Titanic around? 

Download my FREE Holiday Planning Guide to learn the easy steps I use to plan my holiday. 

CLICK HERE to download. Follow the 7 easy steps and create your plan in 30 minutes. 

Drop me a line and let me know how it goes! 

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