Q. DO you have a money back guarantee? 

A. Is the Pope Catholic?  Absolutely. Signing up for a course can be scary and I want to remove any stress from that decision making process. All of my courses have a money back guarantee within a certain time frame. Please check each course for specifics. 


Q. what is the learning platform? 

A. Most of my courses and challenges are run on a platform called Kajabi. When you sign up for a course or challenge, you will create a log-in within the membership site. This is where you will take your classes and check in on your challenge. Once you sign up, that is your log-in and any new courses or classes you purchase through The School of Betty will load into your account. It also has a handy dandy progress bar to keep you motivated! You will have the ability to post comments on  your courses and download any worksheets and other class materials. When you click on "Courses & Challenges" from this site, it will take you to Kajabi. 


Q. What nonprofits do you support?

A. Excellent question. It varies based on the challenge. I vet each nonprofit to ensure they are fiscally responsible and are putting their money towards causes that meet The School of Betty's values and are contributing greatly to their community. At the forefront, I am committed to advancing equity, diversity & inclusivity.