Impact millions of lives by helping individuals gain knowledge, confidence, and habits that stick around their money, time and energy.

Welcome to The School of Betty. I am so glad you are here!  You are reading this which means YOU are ready for a change. You might be looking to find your inner badass, need to create a new habit or just need to drink some daily inspiration. Good’ve come to the right place partner.

— Neil Pasricha


Now if THAT isn’t a kick in the pants, I don’t know what is! It is NEVER too late to create a new habit and it is NEVER too late to start making changes in your life and business.  Got it?


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Hi there!  

I'm Brianna

You can call me Bri. I help individuals who want a better relationship with money, time and energy (a.ka. your resources) so they can create financial freedom, lessen their stress and live their best life.

We ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE and it should be lived with joy.

Say goodbye to fear of failure and lack of control, and hello to empowerment, knowledge and good habits that stick.

It's time Live the Betty Life. 

My 17 year career is a colorful trek through strategic marketing & business development,  public relations, customer experience, performance AND fitness & personal training. So...I have a lot of loves.

Creative solutioning is my JAM and applying that thinking to everyday habits & problems is what wakes me up each morning...that and coffee. I really love coffee. I attribute my career success to my wild ideas and “what if” thinking. It’s the secret sauce to my success and has enabled me to help my clients, friends and family create positive habits to elicit impactful change. 


What Else? 

  • I am a Certified Financial Education Instructor
  • I have my Six Sigma Black Belt process certification so...I REALLY like process. Good processes = good habits = good stuff, happy life, all the feels. 
  • I’ve created and led publicity & marketing campaigns for international clients and managed the North American PR for some killer design brands such as Kartell, Moleskine and Soma watches.
  • When I’m not analyzing behavior and processes I can be found coaching CrossFit. 
  • I love coffee...did I mention that? I also love champagne and bubbles and the Muppets.  
  • I don't watch TV much, but when I do...I like my TV straight up binge with a side of fluff. My current obsession is...Younger TV.  
  • Pink Lady is my 6 year old rescue dog. You can catch her mug on Instagram at #PinkLadyRescueDog. She's my squish face...kinda obsessed...don't judge. 
  • I live in Denver with my rad husband and Pink Lady. In the winter you can find us snowboarding!
  • In addition to running The School of Betty, I currently serve as the Director of Customer Experience and Loyalty for a large performing arts organization...because...I'm also a theatre nerd.